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payroll processing

photo of a payroll worker calculating taxes

What is SUI?

SUI Explained for Businesses SUI stands for State Unemployment Insurance, which pays out benefits for unemployed workers. All employers are required to pay into their

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photo of a payroll employee doing taxes

What is FUTA?

What You Should Know About FUTA When Filing Your Taxes FUTA stands for the Federal Unemployment Tax Act. As an employer, you’re required to pay

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photo of two folders, one labeled salary and the other labeled payroll

What is the SDI tax?

Everything You Need to Know About the SDI Tax Have you ever looked at a pay stub and noticed that a certain amount of money

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TimeForge Attendance Improvements

Many of TimeForge’s November and December updates included improvements to scheduling, enhanced multi-unit capabilities, additional Point of Sale capabilities, and new training videos. We have

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Management Time is Money, Schedule Wisely

Managers are More Expensive than Non-Salaried Staff In many industries including retail, hospitality, food-service, hotels, and manufacturing, salaried management staff are usually several times more

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