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a screenshot of the restaurant management ebook cover

Restaurant Management eBook

New to restaurant management? In this introductory ebook, we provide you with some management basics to help you get started.

cover image for the restaurants 101 ebook

Restaurants 101 – eBook

Thinking about a job in foodservice, or maybe you just started one? This Restaurants 101 eBook will help you understand what to expect.

screenshots of the sales forecasting ebook, including the cover

Sales Forecasting eBook

With the tools in this Sales Forecasting eBook, you can predict your departmental sales for any given hour, one week out, with only a 1% variance from actual figures!

a screenshot of the Minimum Wage Change ebook cover layered over two pages

Minimum Wage Change eBook

A Note From TimeForge on Minimum Wage Changes If you’re in one of many states or cities where minimum wage is already higher than the

fair workweek ebook by timeforge

Fair Workweek eBook

Learn everything you need to know about fair workweek and how to maintain compliance in this Fair Workweek eBook by TimeForge.

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