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4 Ways Applicant Tracking with TimeForge Saves Time

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There are many ways an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) saves time. Hiring managers and recruiters in all industries face several of the same, but also unique challenges while looking for qualified candidates to fill a role in their company. These challenges can cause stress, frustration, and an overwhelming workload, which can also lead to issues in communication between the recruiter and applicant. Old fashioned methods of tracking candidates, such as post it notes, scribble pads, and stacks of paperwork, often result in information being lost, which can prolong the hiring of an applicant.

A user friendly and reliable ATS can streamline the process and prevent delays. Let’s look at 4 different ways using an applicant tracking system (like TimeForge’s own ATS)  can save your business time and money.

1. Use and reuse custom workflows that make sense for your business

Stay ahead of the workflow by creating steps each applicant will go through during the hiring process. These steps could include a phone call, in-person interview, background check, or anything you can think of. TimeForge ATS automatically shows which steps are next for each applicant, which ensures the hiring manager doesn’t miss a thing along the way. They also don’t waste time on unnecessary steps. On top of that, TimeForge ATS allows the workflow steps to be customized by each position. This makes sense, since different positions should have different requirements.

2. Access important files from anywhere, and never lose them

Documents (paper or electronic) are an everyday part of the hiring process. Paper documents tend to get lost, crumpled, or thrown in a stack never to be seen again. Not so with an online applicant tracking system. TimeForge ATS stores each applicant’s submitted documents within their applicant profile. Files can include things like an application, resume, cover letter, or hiring letter. Hiring managers and recruiters can view these documents as needed, make notes, and add more files to the record. They never waste time searching through stacks of papers for the file they need.

One of the best things about TimeForge’s hiring platform is that once you’ve chosen a candidate, all you have to do is click the “hire” button. The software will then move all of the applicant’s information over into their new employee profile, just like that. No need for manual data entry or copy pasting from one area to another.

3. Rank applicants and spend your time on the ones that show the most potential

Let’s face it, some applicants stand out more than others. Applicants range from extremely qualified for a position, to having hardly any experience or qualifications. TimeForge ATS allows hiring managers and recruiters to rank each applicant as they go through the interviewing process. When managers learn more about each applicant, they can update the applicant’s rank accordingly. When applicant numbers start stacking up, ranking helps easily distinguish which candidates are best for the job – and most worth your time.

4. Easily keep track of important details, like locations and postings

It’s common for an applicant to be interested in applying for multiple jobs. Some might even be willing to work at whichever location needs them the most. With TimeForge ATS, hiring managers and recruiters are able to quickly update an applicant’s job and location preferences from the applicant’s profile. This makes the process seamless and prevents lost time due to crossed wires or confusion about where an applicant should be based or for what position.

Online Applicant Tracking saves time

So, now that you’ve seen four simple reasons to use an online applicant tracking system, are you ready to save time with your own custom workflows? Contact us today to learn more about TimeForge ATS! Or, head on over to our Knowledge Base and check out our applicant tracking and onboarding overview.

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