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Get managers involved in the hiring process!

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by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marking Associate
Some managers want to be involved in the hiring process. Others would rather stay away from it. How can you go about getting your managers more involved in the hiring process while still respecting their preferences? The answer: applicant tracking systems.  For any given job, you could have as few as 5 applicants or as many as 1,000. You don’t have time to go through all of those yourself, right? By using an application tracking system, you can streamline the employee hiring process, get managers involved, and keep all of that burdensome paperwork in one central location.
Instead of having managers go through resumes and applications, simply let them do the interview.  They can take notes in the application system about their impression of the candidate and whether or not they think the candidate would be a good fit for the company.  Not only are they involved, but you are kept in the loop because all the information is stored online in one location, which you can access any time.
Using an applicant tracking system allows you to keep potential candidates on file, even if you don’t hire them at that time. Let’s say you post a job opening for a new cook. You have 100 cooks that apply, but you only hire two. Since all the applicants used your online applicant tracking system, you have their information stored in your system, ready to be accessed. Let’s say that of the two new cooks you hired, you have to let one go. Instead of sifting through a huge stack of paperwork or digging around in a file cabinet trying to remember which one of the other applicants you liked, you can see at a glance who made it through the interview process and created a favorable impression. Then you can get your managers involved by getting together to talk about who would be the best person to hire based on the ratings and notes you have from previous interview sessions. This ends up saving you time in the long run because you aren’t re-interviewing people over and over. You and your managers can easily figure out which stage you were at  in the interview process and just pick up from there, which makes for a more pleasant hiring experience for you, your managers, and your applicants.

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