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Customer Successes in 2021

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Ask anyone on the TimeForge team about their favorite part of the job, and you’ll undoubtedly hear the words “helping customers.” That awesome feeling you get when you solve a customer’s problem or help save them time or money? It’s the reason most of us get out of bed in the morning. For today’s post, I asked the team to describe their favorite customer successes in 2021. Here’s what they had to say.

Working together to put people first

Audrey Hogan, Chief Operating Officer: We had a lot of “wins” in 2021; it was a challenging but fulfilling year for me. We did some amazing things for businesses and helped a lot of owners, operators, and teams overcome huge adversity in the labor market. But my favorite success from this past year is fresh on my mind, as it happened just a couple of weeks ago. A large independent grocer found themselves without a timekeeping provider and we rose to the occasion. They had 47 locations, and their timekeeping vendor was experiencing a complete outage with no anticipated resolution. Worse – their 4,500 employees were at risk of not receiving paychecks the week before Christmas. This business called us because we have a reputation of being able to migrate with agility. We had their data loaded into the system, ready to use, within 9 hours from our initial conversation.

A similar migration with any of our competitors would have taken weeks of negotiating and months of training. The feedback we received from managers and employees was consistently positive, with comments on TimeForge’s ease of use and simplicity. Administrators and executives loved the breadth of reporting options and the clean data structures. I am so incredibly proud of our team for pivoting quickly to get this customer up and running, and to help 4,500 people get accurate paychecks before Christmas.

Acting as a partner, not just a vendor

Mike Hetisimer, Implementations Manager: My favorite customer success in 2021 happened just recently. We had a business in California reach out to us, as their current time and attendance provider went down. We had the customer stood up and ready to clock in on TimeForge in 9 hours. Within the next few days, their managers were trained and actively using the application. It was exciting to be able to offer that instant turn-around for a client in an emergency.

Saving customers money

Diego Gaytan, Support Lead: I like saving customers money whenever possible. I felt pretty accomplished when I was able to troubleshoot a malfunctioning timeclock recently. After digging into the logs and the settings, I figured out that there wasn’t anything wrong with the timeclock itself. The problem was actually the ethernet cord and the network. Once I knew that, I was able to save the customer a few hundred dollars. We got everything fixed, updated, and running smoothly, and they didn’t need to replace the clock.

Empowering customers with the right tools

Isla Gibson-Butcher, Solutions Manager: First, let’s define customer success. As a customer care expert, giving customers hours of their week back is a big win in my book. An example happened just recently in December. A particular business was left looking for an alternative timekeeping solution after their provider experienced an unfortunate malware attack. Being able to quickly give that customer the tools necessary to run their business made my job worth it. I enjoyed bringing them peace of mind, and it was great to see their employees get paid on time.

Listening to customers and delivering updates

Erik van Gilder, Chief Technology Officer: Some of my best customer successes from 2021 include adding new automations and reports for customers that needed them. But my favorite success was being able to deliver substantial performance improvements for everyone using Datedechoix. (For those who don’t know, Datedechoix is our appointment booking solution.) They definitely noticed and appreciated the difference!

Other Customer Successes in 2021

To read about more wins like these, check out our Customer Success Stories page. Our C&K Market customer success story is another great example of how we came through quickly for a business that needed a timekeeping solution fast.

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