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Daily Log Simplifies Record Keeping

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If you aren’t using the TimeForge Daily Log feature to help manage your store, you should be!   The TimeForge Daily Log makes quick work of tedious tasks related to the day-to-day operations of your business.

Use the TimeForge Daily Log to store information you want staff or managers to be able to access anytime.

The Daily Log is actually three different log books, or store manuals, which can store handy notes in different formats.
1. The Manager Log stores information that is only relevant to management at your business. This could include information about inventory deliveries, staff problems, upcoming employee reviews, daily sales information, or anything else that your business needs to track.   All the notes and details about your business are in one easy to find, read, and search location that is only accessible by managers, and approved supervisors.
You can use the Manager Log to update management on issues like sales figures.

2. The Staff Log
records information that is sent by management to all of the staff at a location.   This could include notes about upcoming events, changes to work policies, new documents, or anything else that the general staff need to know about. You can upload files (like employee handbooks, restaurant menus, or training policies) directly to the Staff Log for employees to review at home.

3. The Audit Log is a proprietary TimeForge logging system that records specific information about your business activities.   For example, a record is created if the schedule is altered after it’s published, payroll records are changed, or time off is approved.   Each action could have repercussions for the profitability of your business, so it’s important to track these actions.   Additionally, the weather for the day is recorded.

The Audit Log automatically records weather information, schedule changes, and any other information that might affect your profitability.

With the “Categories” feature, you can create different categories for logs and notes to be filed. For example, you can create a “Reference material” category in the daily Staff Log for store policy information, etc.
You can add your own categories in the Daily Log.

You can upload files to the Daily Log, so important reference material is stored directly with TimeForge for staff or managers’ easy access. TimeForge and all uploaded paperwork is accessible 24/7 online by management, making paperwork less chaotic in labor management.
TimeForge’s Daily Log feature also makes accident reports more manageable. When an employee injured on the job, or equipment breaks down, the paperwork that must be filled out winds up stuffed in a file somewhere or buried under a stack of invoices, often never to be seen again. Thanks to TimeForge’s unique uploading capability to the Daily Log, you can also scan (or take pictures) accident reports, jot down any need-to-know information, and even “tag” an employee in the entry for automatic integration into that employee’s HR file.
TimeForge’s new Daily Log update is available for immediate use for TimeForge customers!
Sign up for a free trial and let TimeForge simplify labor management for your business today!

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