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How Do You Manage Labor?

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Our TimeForge labor management software is truly top-of-the-line.   If you don’t believe us, you can always take it for a test drive … no strings attached.   Here is a quick run-down of your labor management options, and why you should choose us to manage your labor needs:

Option One: No software

This is a great option if …

  • You like to make charts with pencil and paper
  • You don’t have a POS (point of sale) software system
  • You like to spend a lot of time with a calculator
  • Optimizing your workforce and profit is of absolutely no importance to you, and making a profit at your business isn’t a priority
  • You don’t mind if employees are late, and no-shows are sometimes acceptable
  • You like to talk to employees on the phone to give them their schedule. If they forget and call back a few times it’s fine, because you don’t mind repeating yourself and you have plenty of time to spare.

Option Two: Offline software.

Offline software is a great option if …

  • You enjoy making spreadsheets. It’s a hobby of yours.
  • You like to buy software frequently, and like paying annual support fees for the latest version (your version will quickly be outdated, and since it’s offline, you’ll need to purchase the latest version when it comes out … and probably re-enter all of your information)
  • You don’t have a POS (point of sale) software system, or integrating with your POS isn’t important to you
  • Optimizing your workforce and profit is of little importance to you

Option Three: Online software.

Online software is a great option if …

  • You don’t want to spend hours scheduling
  • You don’t want to worry about buying software when yours is out of date (although some companies will charge you to get updates)
  • You demand the highest profit possible
  • You want the happiest employees possible

Option Four: TimeForge.

TimeForge is the best option for you because …

  • The AutoSchedulerTM automatically creates the most profit-optimized and employee-friendly schedule instantly , no more spreadsheets!
  • You will never, ever be charged to update to the latest version of our software. Updates are free and automatic for all of our customers.
  • We can integrate our software with your existing POS software for the most profit-efficient solution.
  • Employees can use our staff portal, and don’t need to call you about their schedule, or time off – ever!
  • TimeForge’s built-in analytics will show you labor costs, ratios, blown budgets, and a slew of graphs and statistics.
  • Labor calculations are done automatically, with no calculator needed by you and your staff.

Dollar-for-dollar, you get a heck of a lot more features from TimeForge than from our competitors. Check out our top products:

Sign up for a free trial of TimeForge today and see how our system is customized to fit your business!

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