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Get your business' labor management in shape!

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By Tommy Brinn, Graphic Artist

How are your New Years resolutions going? Still going strong? I will assume everyone is hanging on to what you sought out to do, to change, to reshape, to advance in better ways.

Another question… Have you ever applied a New Years resolution to your business?

Shouldn’t we all be doing this? To set goals, to have the resolution to make your business better than the year before. For some businesses, this may be a challenge financially or with the thinking that there are things you just can’t change. In some cases, that’s true: you can’t improve a business from nothing, you can’t change that ridiculous monthly building rent, and some utility costs change so little they may as well be fixed. But some things can change: how you schedule, employee morale, turnover rates, sales to labor ratios, time spent babysitting the clock, unaccounted breaks, employees riding the clock, buddy punches, and you and your managers’ wasted time. A first step in the right direction is with TimeForge‘s scheduling and attendance features. TimeForge is kinda like a gym whipping your business into shape; it helps improve the little things that only slow up and tie down your business.

TimeForge is a labor management software application designed to not only do things like schedule your employees and track their attendance, but it also does the those small things that can get your business into tip top. When you have a New Years resolution of losing weight, small things like walking more, using the stairs, eating more veggies, eating less sweets, and getting more sleep all work together to accomplish that goal. Same with growing and boosting your business’s bottom line… TimeForge starts out on the little things, like improving communication between managers and employees, saving time when building schedules, reducing employee turnover with positive morale, fixing costs with accurate attendance, and many more little fixes that culminate in one end result: making your business even better than it was before.

But in the end, taking those first steps for your business can seem daunting. That is why we offer a TimeForge free 10-day trial, so everyone has the opportunity to take those first steps for their business.

So, lets get in shape for the beach – I mean the quarter.

Inspire others with your business resolutions in the comments below.

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