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Are you Listening to Your Staff?

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The average company saves over $7,000 for each staff-member idea that is enacted, according to a Fun Factz article. That should make you, the business owner, want to build a giant employee suggestion box! It is imperative that you keep your employees happy, and keeping the lines of communication open is a big part of that.
Rypple recently reported on a study from McKinsey, whereby 64% of surveyed employees felt that they didn’t receive frequent recognition from their managers.   For a novice manager, remembering to praise your staff can be a hard thing to do, while worrying about all of the day-to-day needs required to keep moving the business forward.
One way to ensure that communications, and money saving ideas continue to flow from staff to management is to use TimeForge.   TimeForge labor management software helps you stay in touch with all of your staff simply and effectively through easy-to-use messaging and notifications.   TimeForge Notifications keep your employees up to date with the latest schedule and schedule changes through email, text message, and Facebook messaging, so you never have to worry about any confusion related to the schedule again.
TimeForge Messaging allows you to broadcast a message to all of your employees or to specific staff members. You can send information about upcoming sales events, company policy reference guides, encouraging information about recent sales figures, or a welcome “Good job!”
Satisfying employee time off requests with TimeForge is very easy – staff members can log in to their own TimeForge account and enter requests or availability changes, and you can approve or deny the requests at your convenience! While building a schedule, TimeForge will let you know when you are manually scheduling an employee during an approved requested time off.
By keeping your employees happy, you can increase productivity (and subsequently your sales figures), reduce the cost of turnover (check out 7 Ways Turnover Costs You and Your Business), optimize communication between these happy employees (and very happy managers), and therefore improve overall workplace performance all around.
Sign up for a free trial of our labor management software to see how happy your employees can be!

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