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Track Staff Certifications and Qualifications

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As operations managers and HR professionals know, managing labor is much more than building staff schedules and managing time and attendance for employees.   There are many other aspects of human resources and labor management, including:

  • Talent management
  • Tracking staff training and continuing education credits
  • Skills tracking and ranking
  • Onboarding and hiring processes
  • Background verification and skill assessments
  • Certifications and qualification tracking
  • Raise requests and workflow
  • And much more …

In many of these HR areas, we recommend that our users utilize a best of breed solution to ensure the best results for our customers.   For example, Corvirtus is simply the best company around to perform skills assessments in the hospitality and restaurant industries, and we recommend our customers look at Corvirtus for any unmet assessment needs.
However, a few of the these HR areas are easily managed inside of TimeForge’s best-of-breed labor management solution.   Historical raise requests, qualifications, skill tracking and ranking, and others are already available in TimeForge, and more will become available in the near future.
Let’s review employee certifications …
Did you know that TimeForge can track certifications for staff members?   Using TimeForge, you can track any number of certifications (staffing qualifications), testing dates, renewal dates, and test scores.   Each certificate can also include a note about the staff member’s qualification.

Specifics of a Certification / Staff Qualification

TimeForge allows savvy managers to set up certifications which are required before the staff member can be scheduled.   TimeForge can then stop you and your management team from scheduling employees who are not qualified for the job position.
For example, in the state of Texas, a server (waiter) that serves alcohol needs to have taken an alcohol awareness and training course.   Serving alcohol, of any kind, without this certification can land the employee and the responsible manager in jail for the evening.   With a single click inside of TimeForge, managers can ensure that staff are only scheduled if they are qualified to be scheduled.
Add a Certificate, Restrict who can be Scheduled

As an added bonus, TimeForge will notify managers and employees 6 weeks before the certificate expires, so that managers and staff members both know that it’s time to renew the qualification.   The certification reminder also appears inside of the Daily Log.
Use certifications to make your life easy!

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