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How Mobile Apps Can Give You Peace of Mind

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There’s no denying that we now live in a much more connected world. Nearly half of American adults are smartphone owners, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. With smartphones comes an increased use of mobile apps. Mobile apps make things more easy to use because they’re right at your fingertips. You can do all sorts of things with mobile apps, from scheduling appointments to listening to your favorite music. From streaming your favorite television shows to even more important tasks, such as managing employees and seeing who is clocked in and out when you’re not at the office.

Being able to keep an eye on the business might even give you better peace of mind. For instance, if you know Johnny is perpetually late, but none of your managers are in the office when he comes in today, you can open a labor management app on your phone, like the TimeForge mobile app, and see when he clocked in. You don’t even have to be near a computer now to access many of TimeForge’s awesome capabilities.

TimeForge’s phone app can also help be a part of your mobile employee scheduling solution. After setting up a schedule using the TimeForge website, you can take your phone with you wherever you go and check who’s scheduled, who’s clocked in, who’s clocked out, and see who needs to do shift swaps or has submitted a request. Being able to see these things wherever you are makes your life easier because you aren’t constantly chained to a computer! Get out of the office. Go play that round of golf you’ve been putting off. You’ll still be able to keep an eye on things using your phone with our scalable small business app.

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