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An Employee Scheduling Software That Handles Events?

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by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marketing Associate
Did you know that TimeForge, an employee scheduling software, can schedule staff for special events? By no means are we an event planning software (we stick with our shift building), but it is a great feature for caterers, or anyone that is looking to assign employee shifts to an event.
“So how do I go about scheduling for events?” you may ask. Simply call TimeForge, and let us know that you are interested in the Events feature, and we will turn it on for you! Then, when building shifts, an extra drop-down box will appear that says “Events”, and you can select one, none, or multiple events to assign to a shift.
When building an event, you have the option to include a lot of handy information, some of which the employees can see. For example, you can create a start and end date (which limits when it will show up as an event options so that you are not overwhelmed by past events), list the number of expected guests, and include a link to the event (if you have one to provide). Additionally, you can add any notes that you think may be relevant, whether it’s instructions for employees to wear a certain uniform, or directions to a physical location. Then, once you have finished scheduling staff for the event and posted the schedule, employees will be able to see any notes you have made.
The Events feature is handy for caterers or employees that work off site with particular clients. The great thing about events, like all of TimeForge, is that it is customizable to fit your business’s needs. So if you would rather use it for employee task management, you can. Or you can use use it to tell employees they will be working with a certain client that day. TimeForge gives you the flexibility to create the perfect tool for your event staffing needs, with the goal of saving you time and simplifying the scheduling process. That means no more hours spent pouring over availability and restrictions, trying to figure out which employees can work an event!

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