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SurePayroll is “the online alternative” for small business payroll services. Since 2000, the company has provided easy-to-use, reliable online payroll services to small business owners. In fact, SurePayroll was the first-ever, completely-online payroll and payroll tax-filing solution for businesses with 100 employees or less. It’s no wonder that SurePayroll is the top recognized online payroll company for small businesses.
In fact, SurePayroll has many prestigious awards under its belt. The business earned a Stevie Award in 2011. In fact, SurePayroll has earned three Stevie Awards since 2009, two of which are for excellence in customer service. Also in 2011, SurePayroll joined the Paychex, Inc. family as a wholly owned subsidiary, which promises to be a great fit for SurePayroll’s customers who will now have access to even more services than SurePayroll previously offered.
Aside from their easy-to-use online payroll service, SurePayroll also offers SureAdvisor HR, Sure401K, SurePayroll Insurance, and pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation.

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