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Sarah's Experience with Restaurants: The Life of an Unhappy Employee

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Sarah Dart, TimeForge Educator
Food-service is not an easy industry to work in. Customers yell at you, managers yell at you, and sometimes even your coworkers yell at you. I have worked in several different restaurants. Most for not very long. One for two years.
The main reason I quit my job waiting tables was because I was unhappy with my schedule. When I started working for TimeForge, I found out I was not the only unhappy employee in the restaurant industry. Companies waste thousands of dollars from high turnover rates because of unhappy employees. Companies lose an average of $2,000 for each employee that leaves, and low employee morale is the main cause of these high turnover rates.
Another reason I would quit restaurant jobs was because my availability was not taken into consideration. As a full-time college student, I could only work twenty hours a week. A lot of restaurants forced me to work a minimum of four or five shifts a week. Working at a restaurant was supposed to be an easy part-time job. It was supposed to help pay for my tuition, but it ended up being too stressful.
The restaurant I worked at for two years used TimeForge labor management software. This made it easy for the owner to keep track of employee availability, which kept his employees happy. I stayed with the company for two years because I was happy with my schedule. TimeForge saved the owner several hours and he became more available and helpful to his employees.
Technology is changing. It’s time to ditch the pen and paper. Keep your employees happy and reduce turnover rates by using TimeForge.

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