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Supercharged Scheduling from Nations Restaurant News

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Nation’s Restaurant News published an article entitled “Supercharged Scheduling” on Oct 8, 2007. If, like us, you receive the e-mail newsletter, you probably received the story in a “Tech Trends from NRN-Online” email last week.

The teaser introduction starts: “Why does one restaurant hum along, making schedules with little more than pencil and paper or a spreadsheet, while others see reason to spend tens of thousands of dollars on sophisticated labor optimization technology? Selecting what’s right for a particular operation means making a clear-eyed assessment of the complexity of labor demands and the goals of the business.

At TimeForge, we believe that every restaurant, bar, club, hotel, motel, or catering business should be using an employee scheduling program. However, we do take issue with the idea that it takes “thousands of dollars” worth of investment to get sophisticated employee scheduling software. In fact, you can get started with TimeForge for $1.50 per month!

The article goes on to discuss four different products, including some “best of breed” and “all in one solutions”. These included:

Standard Disclaimer: Why do we showcase other companies and products that perform similar functionality to Because we believe is a superior scheduling product. Check them out yourself! Go review their products, ask for their free trials and try out their products.   Come back when you’re ready to make scheduling simple!

If you were at FS-TEC this year, you probably saw all four products on the show floor.

Our favorite quote is one we hear from TimeForge users all the time: “It really improved managers’ quality of life and made it easier to write schedules, and [helped] shifts go smoother.

How long does it take to make your employee schedules? It should take less than 5 minutes! Did you know that TimeForge can streamline and minimize labor expenses through effective employee labor management at your business, bar, club, or restaurant.

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