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How we support our employee schedule software

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Building great employee schedule software is just half of what we do to make our customers happy. The other half is giving our best each day with customer support. It’s not rocket science. It’s just the human component that makes TimeForge able to help our customers with difficult problems.

At TimeForge, customer support is a huge selling factor. While it’s awesome that we offer the tools to centralize employee schedule tasks, to track important data, and to hold people accountable for things like required certifications and attendance entry changes, at the end of the day, it’s how we treat our customers that keeps them happy.

It seems to be the standard that as companies’ client bases grow and their systems become more robust, their customer support becomes increasingly automated. At TimeForge, we try to stand out from the crowd. We believe that the more tools and functionality we offer, the more important it is for us to interact with our customers. Added features mean added questions, and we never want to put those questions on the back burner in the name of system updates and blog posts. We don’t make anyone listen to a lengthy list of options and try to figure out the right buttons to push to reach an actual person. We don’t use canned responses when our customers ask us questions. We make an effort to answer every phone call, email, and support desk inquiry quickly and intelligently.

The benefits to providing such personable customer support are many. For one, we understand the real-life scenarios in which TimeForge products are being used. We are able to develop our software to accommodate the needs of all of our customers, simply by listening to their suggestions and comments and taking action. Additionally, if a customer calls us, flustered and overwhelmed, and we’re able to make those negative feelings go away with a few clicks and kind words, they’re more likely to stick around. TimeForge is the system for them.

Everyone at TimeForge provides customer support – from the writers to the software developers to the company founders. We’re all here, and we all work with the product everyday. We understand that the happier our customers are, the better our product is. We could have the most sophisticated employee schedule software known to man, but if it took being on hold for an hour and a half just to have a password reset, how many long-term customers would we really have?

I love it when people are surprised by our quick responses and helpful answers. We’re exceeding their expectations. We care about their needs and prove it. No big marketing campaigns, flashy graphics, or exaggerated functionality descriptions are needed to spread the word about TimeForge. We keep our customers happy – both by providing easy methods for them to complete their employee schedule, and by being here for them every step of the way. Customer support is part of the product we’re selling, and since it’s such a human thing, it keeps our customers coming back and prompts them to spread the word. I’d like to see a computerized voice do that!

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