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About Custom Business Solutions

Custom Business Solutions is an experienced market leader with deep knowledge of the restaurant industry. CBS has been successfully leveraging technology solutions in restaurants for over two decades. Their technology evolves from fresh ideas, made to order, that bring together all the details, all the data, and all the reporting insights that you need for success.
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TimeForge + CBS

The partnership between TimeForge and Custom Business Solutions brings value and benefits to customers using products of both. One of the biggest benefits is seamless integration. 

“Too often, companies find themselves struggling to get their various systems to work together,” says Jeremy Julian, Chief Operating Officer of CBS NorthStar. They don’t realize the value of seamless integration. Because of that, they waste tens of thousands of dollars on professional services trying to connect their ordering solution to their POS or their POS to their labor management platform.”

Not so with TimeForge and CBS. Our products already work together to save businesses time and money.

Benefits for Customers

The partnership between CBS and TimeForge translates into real benefits and opportunities.  

Restaurants using TimeForge to manage their labor now have access to integrated omnichannel ordering and sales data. This means they can schedule staff across the business based on where labor is needed the most. For example, a manager can see sales from dine-in, kiosk, pick up, and delivery orders and make informed decisions about whether to assign more shifts for delivery drivers, servers, or counter staff. With the TimeForge Manager Mobile app, businesses also get immediate, actionable insights about a restaurant or group of restaurants from the convenience of their mobile phone or tablet.

Restaurants using CBS NorthStar as their POS and ordering solution now have access to TimeForge’s powerful sales forecasting, which promises less than 1-2% variance when predicting hourly restaurant sales. With accurate sales data, CBS NorthStar customers can optimize their labor and control labor costs. In addition, they now also now have access to TimeForge’s feature-rich workforce management suite, which covers the full employee lifecycle. This means seamless applicant tracking, hiring, scheduling, and attendance, all from the same centralized dashboard. With built-in labor compliance and schedule enforcement, TimeForge is a perfect complement to NorthStar.

TimeForge for Franchisors

Better together

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