TimeForge Partners with CBS NorthStar

TimeForge Partners with CBS NorthStar to Empower Multi-Unit Operators with Integrated and Centralized Workforce Management

The new integration allows customers to take advantage of CBS NorthStar’s enterprise Point of Sale with a seamless 2-way integration to TimeForge’s award-winning workforce management platform.


Texas-based TimeForge, a labor management platform that aims to reduce the complexities in the daily lives of restaurant operators, announced that it has completed its solution integration with NorthStar, the cloud-based POS order entry software by Custom Business Solutions, Inc. The new integration cements the growing partnership between TimeForge and CBS.

The integration benefits restaurants using NorthStar and operators now have access to leverage their omnichannel sales data alongside an industry leading workforce management system. TimeForge labor schedules are generated using a variety of inputs, including machine learning and AI algorithms that have been developed and tuned for customers over the last decade. Accurate sales forecasting and task management are now available to any CBS NorthStar customer, in addition to payroll and applicant tracking.

A growing number of restaurant groups have been adopting AI-generated schedules in an effort to optimize labor costs amid the shifting day-to-day sales trends, delivery schedules, and online ordering. The availability of integrated data has driven demand for solutions like TimeForge sales forecasting, which experienced an exponential rise in restaurant adoption amid the pandemic.

TimeForge customers benefit too. An often-discussed growing problem in foodservice is the lack of centralized sales data. While restaurants across the country were adding online ordering to their tech stack as fast as possible amid last year’s shut downs, most of the selected solutions didn’t integrate with the restaurant’s existing point of sale platform, so there was no way to look at combined dine-in, kiosk, pick-up, and delivery sales. Northstar’s POS system combines orders regardless of their source and allows operators to manage and all of the various combinations of in-store and 3rd-party orders.

Centralized sales access is critical for appropriate employee scheduling and labor planning, and with labor costs considered the largest controllable expense in foodservice, a real-time integration between scheduled labor, actual labor, and sales along with state and federal compliance regulations is a game-changer for operators.

“We’re really excited about this partnership,” said Audrey Hogan, Solution Manager of TimeForge. “CBS NorthStar offers significant value to enterprise restaurant operators in the hospitality industry. One of the main benefits of the integration for TimeForge customers is that it allows them to take advantage of NorthStar’s omnichannel ordering capabilities, which include online and mobile ordering options for restaurants. Online and mobile ordering are more important than ever right now because of the pandemic, and now we can help staff around forecasted demands of online, delivery, and in-store orders.”

But the benefits don’t end with the pandemic. With NorthStar’s other ordering options (staff-facing, table, and kiosk), the integration marks a sound long-term investment for both TimeForge and CBS. For CBS customers, TimeForge brings a full workforce management suite to the table, including applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll, machine-learning and AI reinforced sales forecasting, in addition to its award-winning employee scheduling and timekeeping solutions.

Art Julian, CEO of CBS shared, “Unlike other workforce management solutions, the TimeForge platform covers the full employee lifecycle, not just one or two aspects. Operators want to be able to see real-time sales and real-time labor to run their day-to-day operations while managing compliance in a seamless fashion. TimeForge’s enterprise focus means that our customers now have a solution for a full labor management partner while juggling a fair workweek, sales forecasting, event coordination, applicant tracking, and payroll.”

About CBS NorthStar

CBS NorthStar is one point of sale software with 5 ways to take orders and represents the hospitality industry’s first tablet-based omnichannel ordering solution. It’s not just another POS software but an innovative business solution based in the cloud. NorthStar is the only tablet software that delivers and integrates multiple ordering modes, including online and mobile options.

About TimeForge

TimeForge is a labor management software suite designed to meet the challenging demands of the restaurant and retail industries. The feature-rich yet user-friendly suite offers scheduling, communication, time clock, human resources, automated compliance, payroll, and sales forecasting capabilities. TimeForge is affordable, easy-to-use, and serves both independent and chain operations in restaurant, grocery, retail, hospitality, and other industries. For more information, visit https://timeforge.com or follow @timeforge on Twitter.

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