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Restaurant Scheduling Online with POS

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Do you have a restaurant, or a chain of restaurants, that needs an awesome labor management system?  To control your labor percentage, you will need restaurant scheduling online, centralized payroll, a simple and easy to use manager log, and human resource information combined into a complete restaurant labor management system.  And, if you’ve been looking at our competitors – and haven’t been satisfied, then you’ve found the answer: TimeForge.
TimeForge is a complete package for your restaurant or restaurant chain – and we deliver on the promise of a simple to use interface, and an great balance between the financial and operational sides of your business.  Restaurant scheduling online has never been easier!  And, we interface with your POS system, be it Aloha, Micros, Dinerware, Restaurant Manager, POSitouch, or whatever you need … and we roll up the time punches into a single payroll export.
We recently finished our interface to Dinerware, a great Point of Sale platform that also forms the basis of Harbor Touch and FirstData Restaurant POS.  Read more about it in this press release …
SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwire – May 11, 2009) – Dinerware, Inc., a leading developer of restaurant POS (point of sale) software, today announced its certification of TimeForge, an online labor management and employee scheduling system.
The certification allows Dinerware to expand its best-in-class POS platform and provide restaurateurs a host of offerings from TimeForge via Dinerware version 2.8.2, using the SOAP, XML-based Application Programming Interface (API), or Virtual Client.
TimeForge provides Dinerware customers with a complete labor management solution. Restaurateurs and other hospitality owners can quickly manage employee schedules, schedule enforcement, labor cost reductions, and real-time notifications for staff and management.
Dinerware’s intense focus on the core POS system makes it one of the best systems available for the hospitality industry. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to providing customers with the best solutions available in the industry,” said Anthony Presley, co-founder of TimeForge.
TimeForge’s online labor management system is designed to keep staff happy and reduce labor costs by 3% – 5%. Employee schedules are built in seconds with the help of the TimeForge AutoScheduler™ — a learning and automatic scheduling tool, and more than 40 labor reports are available. Employees stay “in the loop” and receive email and text messages, swap shifts, request time off, or view their timecard through the TimeForge website, a smartphone (such as a BlackBerry or iPhone), or Facebook.
I can make sure my labor is at 25-28% on a daily basis with the use of TimeForge. That makes a huge difference in this economy,” said Dinerware customer, Paul Friedman. “At Peli Peli, we are using a variety of integrated tools with our Dinerware POS system, and TimeForge makes communication and scheduling easy on management and the staff.
This move continues to support a key Dinerware objective which is to allow customers to choose from many products that interoperate with the core Dinerware point-of-sale platform. “The Virtual Client in Dinerware version 2.8.2 enables third-party product integrations that allow restaurateurs to select specific functionalities for their business models and plans for growth,” said Jeff Riley, Dinerware CEO. “We are excited about our certification of TimeForge which enables restaurateurs to easily manage labor and scheduling.
About Dinerware
Dinerware provides restaurant (point of sale) systems to fine dining, cafes, nightclubs, bars, fast casual, counter service, QSR (quick serve), hotels, casinos, golf courses and wineries. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington and sold worldwide, Dinerware provides intuitive systems for the hospitality industry. For a list of Dinerware certified solutions, or for a free trial download, visit or call (866) 346-3792.
About TimeForge
TimeForge helps businesses in the hospitality, restaurant, and retail industries manage labor and build employee schedules while reducing turnover, increasing retention, and improving profits. Restaurant scheduling online has never been easier! Used by businesses throughout the world, TimeForge is designed from the ground-up to simplify the complicated process of employee scheduling and labor management. For more information, visit or contact us at (866) 684-7191.

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