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Biometric Timeclock Setup

This simple one-page guide explains how to set up and get started with your new biometric timeclock.

screenshot of biometric timeclock setup infographic

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When you get your new biometric Timeclock, TimeForge will have already performed most of the setup for you. This one-page infographic will teach you how to scan your fingerprint and register your employees on the clock, as well. We also recommend this helpful flyer, which will explain to employees how the timeclock works.

Benefits of using biometric timeclocks

Biometric timeclocks confer many benefits, including:

  • Increased accuracy – They’re far more accurate than traditional timekeeping methods, such as punch cards or paper time sheets. This leads to improved payroll accuracy and can help prevent wage disputes, so you can rest easy.
  • Reduced buddy punching – Buddy punching, a common problem in many workplaces, occurs when employees clock in and out for one another. This practice can lead to lost productivity and wage discrepancies. Biometric time clocks prevent buddy punching by requiring each staff member to use their own unique fingerprint to clock in and out.
  • Easier time tracking – Biometric clocks make it easy to track employee time, as all data is stored in the cloud. This can be a valuable asset when preparing payroll or investigating time theft.
  • Tamper-proof timekeeping – Traditional timekeeping methods, such as punch cards or paper time sheets, are easy to tamper with. Biometric clocks are much harder to tamper with, as they require each employee to use their own unique biometric data to clock in and out. This makes it nearly impossible for employees to falsify their time records.

For more benefits, see this article.

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