How to Use the Biometric Timeclock

This handy, one-page infographic explains how to use the TimeForge biometric timeclock to log in, clock in, take lunch, or clock out.

screenshot of the how to use the timeclock infographic

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Using the new TimeForge biometric timeclock is easy! Download this infographic as a quick-start reference for you and your staff.

Why using biometric timeclocks is better

Biometric timeclocks are better than other timekeeping methods for several reasons, including:

  • They are more accurate. Traditional timekeeping methods, like punch cards or paper time sheets, are subject to human error. But with biometric clocks, employees can’t “fudge” the numbers because the system is linked to their unique physical characteristics. This prevents buddy punching and other types of fraud.
  • They are super simple to use. All an employee has to do is place their finger on the scanner and the system does the rest. This is a lot easier than remembering to punch a time card or sign a paper time sheet. Learning how to use the clock is fast and easy.
  • They save everyone lots of time. With biometric clocks, there’s no need to calculate hours worked manually. The system can create accurate reports in seconds, so you can save time and money. Because they’re fast, they eliminate lines to clock in for work.

Best of all, employees love these time clocks too. Your team will enjoy the convenience and the modern feel of using them.

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