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Restaurant Management eBook

New to restaurant management? You're not alone. In this introductory ebook, we provide you with some management basics to help you hit the ground running in your new role.

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Were you recently hired or promoted into a management position but have never managed a restaurant before? Or perhaps you’ve got some management experience, but you’re new to restaurants and food service? Even more extreme: maybe you’re new to both food service AND management. Considering today’s restaurant labor shortage, any one of the above scenarios is not as unlikely as it would have been just a few years ago. That’s why we put together an intro ebook for restaurant management. Whatever your experience level, we hope you’ll find this guide useful on your way to becoming an amazing restaurant manager.

Chapters in this Restaurant Management eBook

Our restaurant management ebook is packed with essentials to help you better understand your new role. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Overview of responsibilities and how to approach them
  • Tips for making work easier, e.g. using logbooks
  • Leadership qualities you should develop
  • Interview questions to ask when hiring new staff

Other Restaurant and Food Service Guides

If you found this ebook useful, you might also like our Restaurants 101 guide; we created it to help people who are completely new to food service. It’s actually a good place to start if you’ve never worked in a restaurant setting before. The guide includes infor about basic job roles in food service, as well as common terms and lingo.

As always, our resources are completely free, including our food service guides. Happy reading!

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a collage of the restaurant management ebook showing several pages

Restaurant Management eBook

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