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Restaurants 101: What to expect in the foodservice industry

New to working in restaurants or food service? You're not alone. In this Restaurants 101 eBook, we provide you with some basics to help you hit the ground running. It's perfect for restaurant employees who want to jumpstart their career in the industry.

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Table of Contents

Working in a restaurant can be a very a demanding job; that’s why we’ve created this Restaurants 101 eBook just for you.

About the Restaurant Employee eBook

The restaurant industry labor shortage has left many businesses scrambling to find help. Many new hires have never worked in food service at all before.

As a food service employee, you’ll be spending long hours on your feet, often rushing from place to place and carrying heavy loads – all while delivering excellent customer service.

Sounds tough, right? The upside to working in foodservice is that the position can be lucrative, fun, and rewarding. For example, servers can earn a lot in tips if they’re good at what they do.

Whether you’re working at a local diner or at a fine dining spot, food service skills are necessary and will impact your earning potential!

In this intro guide to the restaurant industry, we’ll teach you:

  • food service skills you need to succeed,
  • terms and lingo you’ll likely run into, and
  • some of the most common job positions and titles used in the industry.

Additional resources

For tips on managing a restaurant, check out our Restaurant Management eBook. It’s got great advice for new managers.

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a graphic showing 3 pages from the restaurants 101 ebook

Restaurants 101: What to expect in the foodservice industry

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