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8 Reasons an Applicant Tracking System Saves Time

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by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marketing Associate
When several applicants are vying for a job opening, the employer has to find the one person that stands out the most.  Turning this application tracking process from a lots-of-disorganized-papers system into an electronic process saves time and money.  This is where application tracking software comes in.
Here’s how applicant tracking software helps out:
1. You can quickly compare applicants. For example, TimeForge’s software contains questionnaires applicants must answer when submitting their application. It’s easier to compare the answers to those questions than to compare lengthy resumes when sorting through applications.
2. You can rank applicants. Who made the best impression? Who would you hire only if you could never find anyone else ever? Is this person worth 5 stars or not?
3. Save time and money while increasing efficiency. Employers don’t have to spend as much time as before on organizing an applicant’s paperwork, which mean less money is spent paying someone to sort through applications. Not to mention, everything is now more efficient because all the information is stored in one place and may be accessed by several people without the need to share papers or files.
4. Save your information for later. Notes about each step of the employee hiring process can be directly added to the electronic file in the application tracking system. This is especially helpful if multiple people are conducting interviews. Then, if there isn’t time to discuss which follow-up questions should be asked or what topics have already been covered, the second interviewer will still know.
5. Save their information for later. When another job position opens it is easy to look at past applicants to assess if any would be a good fit for the job.
6. The use of a job board creates a good first impression about a company. Job boards tend to be associated with more professional and prestigious companies, and indicates to the applicants that you’ve got it together… which means they are more likely to pay attention.
7. Market the opening! The use of a job board allows you to market your job, increasing the chance that the right person will see the job posting.
8. Applicants use online applications when applying through job boards. This means all information is already digital, and applicants can’t submit their application unless they have included all of the required information (like a resume and cover letter).
If you have any questions about TimeForge or our Applicant Tracking system, please contact us!

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