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The Call To Clock In Feature

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Table of Contents

  • Identification Code to Distinguish Employees
    Employees use a unique identification code and password to clock in and out. This allows the system to easily recognize who is calling.
  • Attendance Recorded Online
    All punches are stored online and available in the manager’s TimeForge account. From there managers can easily review and edit attendance recorded via phone. No more keeping track of several sheets of paper with different employees’ attendance!
  • Limit Clock In/Out Phone Numbers
    Employers can choose to set up the system so only phone calls from certain phone numbers are accepted for clocking in and out. Managers won’t have to worry about someone clocking in on their cellphone!
  • Works with Other TimeForge Time Clocks
    Employees can call to clock in and then clock out on another TimeForge clock, or visa versa.
  • Enforce the Schedule
    Just as with other TimeForge time clocks, managers can enforce their schedule, preventing employees from clocking in too early or clocking out too late. Employees will no longer be able to ride the clock!
  • National or Local Phone Number
    TimeForge will provide a national number for employees to call to clock in or out. Or, for an additional cost, a local phone number can be set up for employees to call.

In short, the Call To Clock In feature can be customized to suit your business’s needs.  And, even better, it works with all the other TimeForge software to make attendance tracking more accurate.  No only will it save you time and money, but it will help relieve the stress that comes with worrying if your employees are getting paid for time they didn’t work.

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