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Above-store Sales Dashboard – New!

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We’re excited to announce that the Manager Mobile app now features an above-store sales dashboard. The new dashboard displays an overview of sales, both actual and projected, for each unit in a multi-unit operation. (Provided that the user has the appropriate viewing permissions.) With this new mobile dashboard, managers can now easily compare how sales are doing across the enterprise – anytime, anywhere.

What does the above-store sales dashboard show?

At the very top of the screen, the dashboard shows the total actual and projected sales for the day across all locations – in real time. Actual sales are those reported through TimeForge’s integration with the POS (sales sync). Projected sales are those projected by managers.*

Below that, the above-store sales dashboard displays the following pieces of information for each location listed:

  • Current sales in real time for that location (green number means ahead of projection, red means behind)
  • Projected sales for the hour and the day
  • Attendance costs and hours
  • Scheduled costs and hours
  • Weekly stats for actual and projected sales (LW = last week, WTD = week to date)
  • Color-coded bar indicating whether sales are ahead or behind compared to last week
  • Daily SPLH and labor cost percentage (and whether ahead or behind compared to last week)

Tapping on any location will allow you to drill down into that store and view its individual stats.

*Optionally, if you prefer to use TimeForge’s sales forecasting, you can compare actual sales to forecasted sales. Our forecasting engine uses advanced machine learning algorithms to predict hourly sales with 98.87% accuracy. Not sure what to do? Just shoot us an email, and a member of our support team will gladly walk you through it.

How the new dashboard looks in action

Here’s a glimpse of the new above-store sales dashboard in our labor management mobile app:

a screenshot of the above-sales dashboard on mobile

How the new dashboard helps managers control labor costs

Because it shows total actual and projected sales, the dashboard tells you at a glance whether sales across the business are on track. Color-coded sales indicators can help you quickly identify which stores are behind, so that you can drill down into those locations for insight.

Because it’s part of our Manager Mobile app, the above-store sales dashboard makes it easier than ever to view sales across the enterprise. You don’t have to be stuck at a computer in an office just to keep an eye on how the business is doing. If you’re a busy regional manager, for example, you can check your sales while traveling, walking the sales floor, and between visits with customers. The Manager Mobile app makes it easy to stay in the loop no matter where you are.

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