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Break and Meal Period Tracking

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Tracking Breaks and Meal Periods in TimeForge

In many areas (including California, New York, Florida, parts of Canada, and most of Europe), managers must carefully track employee breaks and meal periods. Managers need to monitor these periods to make sure that staff take the appropriate breaks during their scheduled shifts. In some areas, managers must also get employee signatures in order to prove that they received their breaks.

Failing to follow these laws will land a business in serious legal trouble. Fortunately, TimeForge provides an advanced and powerful Break Rule module. The meal and break settings in TimeForge provide guidelines for management based on the scheduled shifts for the employees. When creating schedules, managers quickly and easily create breaks – and then enforce them.

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TimeForge also generates several reports to provide necessary documentation in the event of a labor law noncompliance audit. Managers can easily save, print, or email these reports at any time.

Tip: Don’t forget to save your favorite reports to your dashboard for easy re-use!

Let TimeForge do the hard work with break and meal period tracking! When you’re ready to up your game, check out our guide to automating meal penalties. With automated penalties enabled, you protect your business from legal fines and fees.

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