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Employee Shift Schedule Template for Google Sheets

A monthly, Google Sheets employee schedule template download - totally free! Use it to schedule staff at your restaurant or store.

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a screenshot of TimeForge's Google Sheets employee schedule template

Looking for a schedule template? This employee schedule template for Google Sheets can help you build a staff schedule for your restaurant or store. To help you get started, we included instructions directly in the template. The only thing you need to use the template is access to Google Sheets, which is free with any Google account.

What is a Google Sheets employee schedule template?

It’s a scheduling template created and edited using Google Sheets, a popular spreadsheet program that works in your browser. If you’re more comfortable with Microsoft Excel, you may prefer our Excel employee shift schedule template download. We provide both completely free.

Why schedule employees using Google Sheets?

The most basic reason is that Google Sheets employee schedule templates are much faster and more organized than trying to build a schedule by hand. This is why managers have used spreadsheet templates for years. Usually, a Google Sheets schedule requires you to manipulate the data and schedule the time yourself. Then, when you’re done, you share the finished schedule at your place of work.

We made it easier for you by providing a monthly fixed-shift structure inside the spreadsheet. All you need to do is update the names of your employees and their shifts. The schedule template will automatically track hours for you at the bottom.

TIP: If you work in restaurants or food service, check out our guide to using restaurant schedule templates.

Limitations of Google Sheets employee schedule templates

Spreadsheet templates for scheduling have been in use for decades. While they have worked for businesses in the past, they take time to configure, use, and reuse – even ones built using Google Sheets. If you need to update your employee shift schedule, you must go back into the spreadsheet to reformat and change your rows and columns. Even a reschedule schedule template requires some manual effort to make adjustments based on things like employee time off requests. The template can’t make the changes or assign shifts for you. What this means is that you’ll probably still be spending hours each week building schedules, though probably not as much as if you wrote them down by hand.

Other schedule template options

When you’re ready to level up your scheduling process and get your Friday nights back, try TimeForge. Our AutoScheduler and RoboSchedules tools can automatically build or suggest shift schedules for you in a fraction of the time. Because they live in the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere using a mobile phone or one of our labor management mobile apps. And unlike Google Sheets, our scheduling software will notify employees when a new schedule is posted. This means your team will always know exactly when they work.

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a screenshot of TimeForge's Google Sheets employee schedule template

Employee Shift Schedule Template for Google Sheets

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