Sales Forecasting eBook

Learn how to easily optimize your labor and reduce your labor spend. With the tools in this Sales Forecasting eBook, you can predict your departmental sales for any given hour, one week out, with only a 1% variance from actual figures!

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Table of Contents

If you’re new to the idea of forecasting your sales, this ebook is just right for you. It’s the perfect primer for anyone who wants to learn more about how sales forecasting works and how to choose a good forecasting software.

Whether you run a grocery store or a fast-casual restaurant, our ebook will help you get a handle on the basics.

What’s in the Sales Forecasting eBook?

In this guide, we cover the following topics step by step:

  • What is sales forecasting?
  • Why is sales forecasting important?
  • How forecasting helps businesses in secure scheduling areas (also known as fair workweek areas).
  • How is TimeForge’s sales forecasting different?
  • 3 Benefits of TimeForge’s improved forecasting system.
  • How does TimeForge’s forecasting engine work?
  • Examples of how TimeForge handles forecasting around the holidays, including days leading up to and days after.
  • Examples of how TimeForge handles holidays compared to manager projections.
  • Tips for finding the right forecast software for your business.

You don’t need to know any fancy math concepts or have years of manager projections under your belt to get value from this Sales Forecasting eBook, either. Although we do nerd out a little bit, it’s written at a level anyone can grasp and uses charts and graphs to help guide you.

Additional resources

If you found this ebook helpful, you might also like our blog post on different types of forecasting and how they can benefit your business. If you operate in an area with fair workweek laws, you might like our Fair Workweek eBook, too!

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screenshots of the sales forecasting ebook, including the cover

Sales Forecasting eBook

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