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Labor Scheduling: The Beginning (Part Six)

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Staff scheduling… it’s easy, right?  How hard can it possibly be to schedule a few staff members for your business? Well, it depends on the business. Staff scheduling is as unique as the person doing it, and blanket features rarely truly meet the needs of a business – and its people. Offering limited features to our customers was never an option, no matter what Erik and Anthony thought in the beginning...

My sister has always been into the arts and finished high school as a cosmetologist.  She spent some years working with us on other non-TimeForge projects, then as a cosmetologist, and finally decided to try her hand at the hospitality industry.  She worked as a hostess at a fast casual chain, managed a quick service restaurant, and then took over managing a retail business. In several of her business endeavors, she brought TimeForge into the fold, and at each and every stop, she called us, telling us everything we were missing in the program – sales integration, payroll exports, enforcement of the schedule. My phone call to Erik on that day was pretty simple… we had uncorked a burning need. Employee scheduling wasn’t simple. It was hard. Impossibly hard. And we needed more people to answer the dang phone.

With Daniel and Gurkan at the helm, TimeForge started getting many of these not-so-simple features added to its code base. And, we made them available to all our existing customers for no additional charge. Labor management reports (want them scheduled and emailed to you?), sales forecasting, mobile phone access, employee schedule templates, scheduling of breaks, lunches, and meal periods, a manager log, and much more.
Over the last few years, we’ve rocketed in size – with triple digit growth year after year – both to support our customers’ needs (want a biometric time clock to track who’s on time?), and to support our customers.  We now have inside and outside sales personnel (don’t worry, we’re still a no-pressure sales environment… if you need our flavor of labor management, we’ll help out – if not, we understand), support personnel, marketing people, and developers who do everything from mobile web apps to java software development.  And everyone answers the phone!
If you need to get in touch with us, you can call (866-684-7191 x0), email ([email protected]), text (sign up … you’ll get our cell phone numbers), or reach out on our forum.  Need us to call you on Skype in another country at 4am?  Let us know!
TimeForge will continue to grow, and we’ll continue to add features.  You see, we started this business with only three guiding principals in mind:

  1. Make sure staff members stay in the loop on everything the business does.
  2. Keep managers happy and on the floor – keep them out of the back office.
  3. Be flexible, so that the software can change as needed for our customers.

We continue to stay true to these needs.
Have you tried TimeForge recently?  Sign up for a free trial to see how our amazing software can help run your restaurant, retail, or hospitality business!

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