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Employee Spotlight: Sarah makes labor management easy!

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Meet Sarah. Like many of us here at TimeForge, Sarah wears a lot of hats. Although she was brought on as a technical writer in 2017, when TimeForge spun out of its parent company last year, she took on new responsibilities. Now, Sarah designs and manages the TimeForge website and this blog, the newsletter, and most of the team’s marketing content.

Keep reading to learn a bit more about Sarah and what she does here at TimeForge!

Employee Spotlight

What’s your name? 

Sarah Taylor. It’s pretty common!

What do you do at TimeForge? 

My day-to-day job is a mixture of writing and editing, getting other people to tell me interesting things about their work or the industry, and occasionally putting together pretty graphics. I designed the website you’re on (through trial and error, shh), and I edit everything that gets posted here on our blog.

Some days, I put together press releases or partner pages, other days I might be writing or editing how-to guides on new products or features we offer. Lately, I’ve been conducting a lot of interviews for new customer success stories.

How long have you been working with TimeForge? 

Going on, wow, just over 4 years now. Time flies!

What’s your favorite part of working at TimeForge?

I’m never bored. There’s always something new to learn, and I’m frequently asked for my input on anything from materials and collateral to actual wording used in our application. It makes me feel like I’ve got a lot to offer while at the same time forces me to use different parts of my brain. Sometimes I need to think like a potential customer, sometimes like a user of our software. It’s great!

How do you make the lives of TimeForge customers better?

I use our software just enough to be familiar with the amazing things it can do — but not so much that I’m totally ingrained in how it works. I think that allows me to bring a fresh perspective to the table sometimes and allows me to suggest things that might not be so obvious to members of the team who have been living and breathing the software for years.

More recently, I’ve been working on case studies and talking with operations folks, not just about the things they love about TimeForge, but what we can do to make TimeForge better. I shoot those ideas over to the team, and then we all get on a call together and spec out the improvements for later development.

What was your first hourly job?

I worked as a farmhand for my next door neighbor a few summers in a row to help pay the bills in college. Other random and less random jobs I’ve had over the years: afterschool care worker, receptionist for a hair salon, teaching assistant, university instructor, and computer board builder at an electronics factory. (I actually kind of enjoyed soldering.)

What was your first restaurant or retail job?

Hah, yes, I’ve had one of those, too! Once upon a time, I waited tables for a few months at a hometown diner to make ends meet. I clocked in/out at a tablet near the service counter and put in orders through a mounted kiosk. I enjoyed helping customers, but the place had a bit of an attitude problem among its employees, unfortunately. They didn’t really work as a team. For that and other reasons, I ended up leaving and finding employment elsewhere. I’m kind of an introverted nerd, though, so I was surprised by how much I enjoyed waiting tables.

What’s your favorite hobby?

Learning, maybe. I pick things up pretty quickly, so I tend to cycle between hobbies to keep things fresh and interesting. I actually never thought I’d enjoy writing for a living, especially after grad school, but I’m surprisingly happy with the amount of writing I do for TimeForge!

What’s your favorite sports team?

I was a Cubs fan when I lived in Chicago. Since I was only a few CTA stops away from Wrigley field, it was hard not to be! Coincidentally, they had disappointing seasons right up until I left. And then they won the World Series. Go figure.

Do you have any pets?

A Florida kingsnake. Her name is Stress. Chosen ironically, because she’s the least stressful pet we’ve ever had. Also, because of all the ‘s’ sounds in the name. Ssstressss…

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Table of Contents

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