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Introducing the Time Machine – Our best timeclock yet!

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In this post, we introduce the Time Machine, our newest timeclock and the last one you’ll ever need. This retail-durable employee timekeeping device was designed with input from real Operations, HR, and IT teams. It’s reliable, feature-rich, and easy to use.

It’s not just a replacement for the Biodpad and other timeclocks, it’s also a major upgrade.

In this post, we take a closer look at the Time Machine and how it differs from previous models, as well as some of its major benefits.

What sets the Time Machine timeclock apart from its predecessors?

In addition to connecting to the cloud wirelessly, the new timeclock boasts several cool features to make operators’ lives even easier. Because it’s loaded with the Android operating system (OS), the Time Machine is also faster and more flexible than Windows-based clocks.

Here are a few ways the Time Machine differs from the Biopad and previous timeclocks:

  • Get up and running faster: It’s wifi-enabled, so no ethernet cable or port required (though we do recommend using ethernet, as wifi can be less stable)!
  • Fast and easy updates: You can update the clock to the latest version whenever you want, just by tapping a button. No more remote connect sessions or waiting for support to call you.
  • No more lines at the timeclock: With super-fast processing, you can be sure that nobody’s waiting for a print to be recognized or a page to load.
  • It’s easier to use: With Android OS, we have more control over how it looks and works, so the Time Machine has nice, easy-to-use buttons and more intuitive navigation.
  • Never not in sync: Bi-directional synchronization sends updates to the web in real-time, so there’s no more waiting for alerts about something that happened 30 minutes ago.
  • Even more labor controls: Overtime enforcement by week, not just by shift.
  • Even more penalty prevention: More robust meal and rest period enforcement and options.
  • Keeps your business safe: Supports our COVID-19 health check feature.
  • A full-function employee kiosk: You can expect to allow checking schedules, requesting time off, etc. In other words, the Time Machine isn’t JUST a timeclock.
a photo of the time machine timeclock by timeforge

More features you can expect in the future:

  • Task management at the clock. Expose open tasks to employees and have them marked as complete on the clock!
  • Contactless clock-in with camera function. Instead of using a fingerprint, your employees scan a secure QR code on their phone to clock in.
  • At-the-clock attestations with optional e-signature (print or draw) (coming in Q4). Great for businesses in high-compliance states like CA.
  • TimeForge messages on the timeclock (coming in Q4).

What are the major benefits of using the Time Machine timeclock?

Now that we’ve covered the differences between the Time Machine and previous models, let’s look at benefits.

Easy for new hires to use

The Time Machine is so intuitive, we don’t even recommend scheduled training for new users. It’s 100% self-explanatory for managers and employees. To log in, clock in, and log out, all employees have to do is set their finger on the scanner, tap the clock-in button, and then walk away. By default, the clock auto logs employees out so that the next person can use the clock without having to wait.

Reduces labor spend and protects against theft

The new timeclock accurately keeps employee time so that you don’t have to worry about it. And because it uses a “stateful” system, the clock always knows whether an employee is clocked in or out, or whether they’re on break.

There’s no such thing as lining up and guessing at missed punches with our timeclock!

Studies show that the average employee steals at least 4 hours per week from their employer. Not only does the Time Machine reduce labor spend, though, it also protects against time theft and wage theft. Here’s how:

  • Prevents time theft. Employees can’t ride the clock, misrepresent hours, take uninhibited breaks, buddy punch, or forget whether they clocked in/out.
  • Prevents wage theft. With enforced schedules, detailed security permissions, and robust modification logs, managers can’t abuse time adjustments. The business stays safe.

Automates compliance

The Time Machine automates proactive compliance, shift enforcement, overtime, real-time alerts, and more! While many solutions are barely able to keep up with a paper trail, ours goes way further. TimeForge actually helps operators prevent wage and labor violations from happening in the first place.

Works even when offline

With our timeclock, there’s no need for local server access. The clock automatically reconnects to the cloud in the event of intermittent internet service, and holds on to the data from your offline period, so you can rest easy.

Incorporates optional “biometrics”

The biometric scanner can be added or removed, replaced with a card reader, or swapped with half a dozen other components.

And if you worry about legality around biometrics, or your employees worry about security of their biometric data: fear not. Our timeclocks don’t use true “biometric” fingerprints!

What does this mean? Well, when you enroll your fingerprint, the scanner looks at your pattern of whirls and swirls. It turns those swirls and whirls into a gibberish string of letters and numbers, and stores that gibberish string as your ID on the timeclock.

The next time you place your finger on the scanner, it does the same thing, then looks for a match between gibberish strings. If it finds a match in the system, it clocks you in.

Simply put, this means that the timeclock NEVER stores your actual fingerprint. Not on the clock, not on the server, not anywhere. And the gibberish string of letters and numbers is meaningless outside of the clock; you can’t use the string to recreate a fingerprint.

Built to last

Because it’s made using durable gorilla glass, the Time Machine is damage and scratch-resistant. It’s also made from retail-hardened plastics for longevity.

We source the hardware from the world’s largest timeclock manufacturer – a reliable, proven partner in the space.


What Operations Wants to Know about the Time Machine

We’ve covered some of the features and benefits. Here’s a quick list of things operations typically wants to know:

  • “Smart clock” knows what’s supposed to happen and what’s actually happening
  • Works even during 1-2 day internet outages
  • Direct connection to the cloud – no local server needed
  • Stateful system means no more missed punches
  • Employee kiosk with simple user friendly interface
  • Automated Fair Workweek compliance, so you can relax
  • Enforce scheduled shift times and break eligibility if desired
  • Automated meal period compliance for California employers
  • Optional fingerprint bypass with secret code – restrict to limited users

Questions about the Time Machine? Anything you want to know that we didn’t cover here?

Drop us a line and let us know! You can also check out our Time Machine how-to guides in our Knowledge Base for more info.

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Table of Contents

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