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Having less to review in your payroll workflow takes stress out of an approaching payroll deadline. No matter the size of your business, you don’t want to submit your payroll late. 

Most importantly, you need to get everyone paid correctly and on time.

Luckily, TimeForge offers a number of tools designed to prevent surprises and numerous follow ups come payroll time. This article presents tools you can use in TimeForge to help you stay on top of your payroll workflow.

Stay up to date with daily alerts

It takes up time to go through all of your attendance. It takes even more time when you need to make multiple edits to employee time cards.

One way to save time is to get alerts when things need attention.

TimeForge has customizable alerts to help reduce the amount of punches you may need to correct come processing day. You can set up your alerts from the My Profile page. After you select the Alerts tab, you can pick which daily email alerts you want to receive.

Alerts such as “Alert me by email and TimeForge message if someone clocks out more than ___ minutes late.” and “I would like to receive a daily message displaying who is clocked in at ___.” can also easily identify incomplete punches.

By setting up these and other daily alerts, you can quickly track down a punch that needs attention and make necessary adjustments.

Set up scheduled reports based on your payroll workflow

In addition to daily alerts, you can set up scheduled reports. You can receive your scheduled reports in a CSV or PDF format on daily, weekly and even monthly basis.

Most importantly, TimeForge’s reports were designed to make your payroll workflow simpler.

For example, the Long Time Punches and Clocked in Employee by Position reports provide you a list of punches you may need to follow up on or adjust.

TimeForge offers other reports designed to help you tackle attendance adjustments, as well.

If you find one you like, simply click the report and select the “Schedule this Report” link. You can then choose how often you receive the report and add any other recipients who may find the report helpful.

Making sure you approve PTO requests on time ensures your employees receive the correct amount hours and pay. With so many tasks to complete in a work day, remembering to look at an employee’s time off request can easily slip one’s mind.

By enabling one of the daily requests alerts or scheduling the Request Status report, you can keep track time off requests your employees need approved. TimeForge’s new Today page makes it easier than ever to view all your pending tasks.

a screenshot of the 'request status by employee' report
Example Request Status Report by Employee

Applying this level of rigor to other payroll processes is also sensible.

For instance, using a tool to convert your bank statement and apply any adjustments based on expenses claims is quick, convenient and most of all accurate. Having all of this data at your fingertips, and factoring it into your scheduled reports, can help you avoid mistakes.

Save time finding your adjustments

Writing a note to help you remember something works if you know where you kept the note.

TimeForge takes the hassle of remembering where you kept a note. The software automatically saves log entries by category and date.

Instead of writing on a sticky note explaining why you made an attendance adjustment, you can use the Daily Log to remind you.

You can categorize your notes by subjects such as attendance adjustments, pay updates, and PTO hours. After you select the category of a note, the Daily Log allows you leave as much detail as you need. You can even upload a file and include a tag to make it easier to search for in the future.

As a result of storing your notes in the Daily Log, you don’t need to think about where you left your reminders. TimeForge takes care of keeping them organized.

Moreover, managers can access and create notes on their own time. Consequently, this removes the need to write follow up emails or send messages back in forth with your staff. If a manager has a question about a punch, they can check the log book.

Use your daily widgets to tackle pending adjustments

Our redesigned Today page (also known as the new dashboard) makes it easy for mangers to find things needing their attention:

TimeForge Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to pick and choose which widgets you want to appear as soon as you log into TimeForge.

If you want to tackle reviewing employee time off requests or review your location’s attendance first, you can move the Pending Requests and Clocked in Staff widgets to top of the page. These two widgets allow you identify employees who may have forgotten to clock out and any requests awaiting a response.

In short, TimeForge has a number of tools available to make sure you don’t miss any employee hours. Using one or a combination of the features highlighted here can help you save time, as well.

If you see a feature you’d like to start using, email us or give us a call at 866-684-7191. Our support team would be happy to show you how to get started!

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Table of Contents

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