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Human Resources and Payroll Integrations

Sync your HR and payroll with TimeForge

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TimeForge offers numerous human resources and payroll integrations, each designed to help you get the most out of our powerful employee scheduling and time keeping solutions. Why waste time with manual data entry between two different attendance and record systems when you don’t have to? Our software can keep your labor, employees, and PTO in sync so you can stay compliant — effortlessly. We integrate with many of the leading payroll providers in the industry, including ADP, FMS, Paychex, and more.

If you’re already a TimeForge user, our Customer Success Team would love to talk to you about your business needs. Otherwise, click the button below to start your free trial of our best-in-class software today!

Skip the manual data entry with our human resources and payroll integrations.

HR and Payroll Systems TimeForge integrates with...

Need a little guidance?

No problem! If you prefer self-service, you can check out our Integrations guides in our Knowledge Base. There, you’ll find numerous how-to articles to help you hit the ground running with our HR and payroll integrations, as well as our time clocks and mobile apps.

Time Clocks and Mobile Apps

Did we say time clocks and mobile apps? In addition to our wide selection of integrations, TimeForge also offers biometric time clock solutions and smart mobile apps for employees and managers. Our mobile apps are 100% free, and they work great on both tablets and smart phones.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Are you interested in becoming our next integrated HR or payroll partner? Do you have a passion for creating great customer experiences? Check out our Partners page for more info. We’d love to hear from you! We value general partnerships, too.