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Robust Reporting Tools that are User Friendly

Take advantage of prebuilt reports or build your own in seconds

Example of TimeForge reporting tool, used to build your own reports

With over 13 years of experience in the industry, we know how important it is to be able to access and leverage your data. To make it easy, TimeForge provides over 150 premade reports for scheduling, attendance, HR, and sales, all organized within a central reporting dashboard. 

No matter what you’re looking for, TimeForge has a report that will tell you the information you need to know to make smart business decisions. And even better: you can take your data and labor analytics with you in the palm of your hand using our Manager mobile app for smart phones and tablets.

Pin your favorite reports, export to PDF or Microsoft Excel, flag a report for email delivery, or even build your own on demand in just two easy steps.

Labor metrics, real time data, and analytics - all at your fingertips.

With TimeForge's Reporting tools...

Take advantage of pre-built reports

TimeForge provides hundreds of reports that are already pre-defined, formatted, and ready to use. Whether you’re looking for an hourly sales report or an employee overtime report, our software offers numerous options to give you the exact information you need.

With our reporting solution, you not only have the power to optimize your labor, but you get the data you need to stay compliant, too. Here’s just a few examples of some of the premade reports you get with our software:

Attendance Reports
  • Employee time sheets
  • Overtime by employee
  • Attendance breaks
  • Attendance summary with costs
  • And many more
Schedule Reports
  • Schedule versus attendance
  • 7 day schedule coverage
  • Multi-location schedule
  • Coverage with breaks
  • And many more
HR and Payroll Reports
  • Payroll summary
  • Historical pay rates
  • Attendance with payroll ID
  • Expiring certifications
  • And many more
Sales Reports
  • Sales and labor comparisons
  • Hourly sales report
  • Sales breakdown by department
  • And many more

Get a snapshot of your labor and sales whenever you need it

When integrated with the point of sale (POS), TimeForge can provide powerful reports and analytics to help you track your business’ performance. Get hourly sales reports and insights on demand, or have your reports emailed to you at a time and frequency that suits your needs.

TimeForge can provide multi-location reports, so that you can get a sense for your entire enterprise, or reports for just a single store. Easily compare your projected and forecasted sales against actual sales data from your POS. 

TimeForge makes data analysis easy and pain free. Our interactive dashboards provide at a glance sales and labor data anytime you need it.

Automatically receive reports by email

Is there a report that you’ll need weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? With TimeForge, it’s easy to schedule a report for specific locations, departments, and time periods. The report will be generated and delivered to the specified emails at the requested time and frequency.

Craft custom reports in seconds

If our standard reports don’t quite fit the bill, you can build your own custom report in seconds with our report designer tool (“ad-hoc reporting”).

To build your own report, you simply select the type of report you’d like to view (attendance, scheduling, sales, etc.). Then, you select the data you want to include in the report. You can export your report as an Excel spreadsheet, a CSV file, or a PDF with a click.

Building the exact report you need is easy with TimeForge, and generating reports is fast.

Stay compliant with labor laws - and on top of your labor costs

With our reporting tools, easily monitor where your labor dollars are being spent. Identify areas that need improvement, like long punches, early clock ins, and excessive overtime. 

TimeForge includes reports to track employee attendance breaks, too. These reports provide information on who is taking paid, unpaid, required, and optional attendance breaks and presents this data alongside hours worked. Reports like these are essential for maintaining compliance, especially if you’re in a state with strict labor regulations surrounding meals and rest breaks.

Find your favorite reports fast

If there’s a report you frequently use, but don’t need it delivered to your email on a regular basis, you can save it as a favorite with a single click. Favorite reports will be shown first when you view your reports page. With this simple system, you never need to scroll or tab through pages of options to look for your go-to reports.