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EZ Labor Management

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Table of Contents

by Jordan Backus

EZ labor management is possible with TimeForge!
As a manager, do you ever feel like you spend too much time building schedules, adjusting time punches, and trying to figure out if your sales are what they should be? Do you wish there was a way to track all of your labor management information, from A-Z? Well, with TimeForge, A-Z labor management is EZ labor management!

A is for Attendance tracking.

B is for Building schedules.

C is for Company hierarchy.

D is for Data import.

E is for Exporting payroll.

F is for Forecasting sales.

G is for Great customer support.

H is for Happy employees.

I is for Integration with POS systems and payroll providers.

J is for Just sign up for a free trial if you’re not sure!

K is for Keeping track of all of your important information in one place.

L is for Location level options and settings.

M is for Messaging all of your employees at once.

N is for Notifications and alerts.

O is for Options, options, options!

P is for Pay rates.

Q is for Quick responses to your questions.

R is for Robust reporting.

S is for Security.

T is for Templates of your employee schedules.

U is for Uploading HR documents.

V is for Visually appealing graphs and charts.

W is for Work periods that can be set up to make scheduling even easier.

X is for Xtremely awesome labor management software!

Y is for YOU are our number one priority!

Z is for Zero data will ever be deleted!

Sometimes spelling is hard, but with TimeForge, labor management is always EZ!

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