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Use HR Software to Hire Workforce Ready Applicants

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Hiring for workforce readiness is critical. Failure to do so reduces business productivity and can result in increased employee turnover. In these times of economic stress and high unemployment, many businesses can’t afford to lose out by wasting time on hires that are a poor fit. This also means that workforce readiness of recruits matters more than ever. Whether you are in restaurant, retail, grocery, or another sector, your human resources (HR) software should help you separate the best from the rest. In this post, we’ll show you how TimeForge HR management software helps you hire workforce ready applicants quickly and easily.

TimeForge HR makes your hiring process easy and hassle free. Here are 5 steps for using TimeForge HR that will help you find the team members you need.

Step 1: Customize Job Postings for Workforce Readiness

Custom job postings help you reach and recruit the right people. Quickly and easily customize job postings using TimeForge HR software and add workforce readiness as a key requirement. This will help you attract more candidates who are already prepared to join your workforce.

With TimeForge, you can also save your templates to use again when hiring for the same job.

Step 2: Use a Workforce Readiness Checklist

Measuring workforce readiness is more than giving a test, asking for references, or making use of screening questions. A Workforce Readiness Checklist can guide you along the way.

Tailor your recruitment process by adding the Workforce Readiness Checklist as a step in applicant tracking. This makes candidate screening super easy and super fast.

Step 2: Tailor Your Recruitment Process and Documents

Our HR software gives you the flexibility to create Human Resources (HR) Types, categories of information, to suit your specific needs. HR managers use HR Types to keep track of employee information, such as their departments, positions, pay rates, and more.

You can easily create an HR Type for Workforce Readiness. Once done, you will be able to store your workforce readiness records for job applicants who complete it during screening or at any other stage.

Besides their resumes, certifications, and other info, now you will have a completed Workforce Readiness Checklist for each candidate. You can use the finished checklist during the interview stage. You can also store the interviewers’ follow up questions and comments about the completed checklist. Whatever best suits your hiring process.

Step 3: Customize Screening to Find Workforce Ready Applicants

Your job is to choose candidates that fit the position. When several candidates have the basic qualifications, narrow down the field on how workforce ready these applicants are. Your HR team can tailor a set of interview questions based on our Workforce Readiness Checklist to suit every business need.

Step 4: Add Workforce Readiness Checklist to Applicant Tracking Process

Add the Workforce Readiness Checklist and interview feedback to your applicant tracking workflows. Then it can be used during the pre-screen call, screening process, interviews, or skill reviews. This versatile feature, to tailor your Applicant Tracking Steps, makes the job of the hiring managers simple and efficient.

Step 5: Workforce Readiness – Onboarding and Beyond

When a job candidate is hired, TimeForge transfers their information directly into the employee profile and their human resources (HR) file. This seamless integration into the onboarding process makes everyone’s life easier. No more shuffling and passing around files or having to do manual data entry. One click, and all the new hire’s details are transferred right where they need to go.

From new employee orientation to onboarding and beyond, the availability of workforce readiness information will help HR and Training managers provide the new recruits with the training and information they need to succeed.

Use Your HR Software to Find Workforce Ready Applicants

These versatile features of TimeForge HR software helps hiring managers build workforce readiness into the recruitment process. And you can do so at any stage, from customized job postings, applicant screening, interviews, selection, onboarding, and beyond. Call our customer success team today to learn more about TimeForge HR and how it can improve your business.

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